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Welcome to the Machine…

This is the place where technology meets humanity, on the cusp of a brave new world rife with tectonic shifts and titanic implications. Working at the nexus of tech and society (or, “sociotechnology”) brings us to the frontiers of artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, digital ubiquity, privacy and surveillance, and much more. These are the stories, insights, longings, and actions that can help us come to grips with the reality of the increasingly surreal.


Analog People

We’re not anti-tech, just pro-human. Let’s keep things in a balance, folks.

Tech Tock

Time is a precious commodity, and so is our attention. Just a timely reminder.

Today Only

For a limited time only, we’ll set our devices aside to interact. Like, now.

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This is our blog, written by the “team” collectively, and usually in the late hours when desperate exhaustion has set in. We try to balance dystopian shrieks with enamored distractions, as we navigate the fine line between apocalypse and utopia. If the machines take over, or if we become the machines, we still expect there to be coffee — or at least, you know, some sort of high-tech augmented-reality equivalent.

Button Pushers

When the machines take over, it won’t with a bang but a whimper. Or maybe even just a glitch… Did you ever have the feeling that every time you push[…]

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September 16, 2017 0

Dear Readers

To follow or unfollow, that is the question. No, we’re not talking about social media; we’re going old school. Can a book ever be other than a “master narrative” in[…]

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August 22, 2017 0

Maid Runner

Do robot vacuums dream of electric dust bunnies? These are the things that keep us up at night. And while we’re toiling over keyboards into the wee hours, we wonder,[…]

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August 11, 2017 0


How did we get here, and why has it happened so fast? Were the “good old days” really all that? Witty observations, vague longings, and searing indictments.



What is to be done, and what are people actually doing? Can we cope with the pace of the changes at hand? Balancing participation and disruption, rattling virtual cages.



Where is it all going? What is the “next big thing” to transform our lives? The future may be coming at us rapidly, but the full emergence has really only just begun.


Our Team

They say it takes a village to do something or other. This is the “other” — and it only takes the (ahem) “four” of us, fortuitously fitting within the confines of this cool preformatted website template from whence we came. Just another start-up aimed at disruption… Go Team!

Gibson Williams

Co-founder & CEO

Legendary social entrepreneur and inventor of the Gig Economy. Can’t dance a lick, but is sometimes said to possess “Al Gore rhythm.”

Lauren Ipsum

Co-founder & COO

More fun than she seems, despite crunching the numbers all day. Speaks fluent gibberish. Everyone’s go-to virtual hand- and place-holder.

Anna Loggins

Marketing Director

Snarky (t)expert in multidimensional programming, distributed networking, and quantum entanglements. Thus, chronically single.

Cov Fe’fe

Creative Grammatist

Wordsmith for the digital age. Not afraid to make stuff up and start a trend in the process. Really just an affable hipster-poser — but hey, ain’t we all?







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