Yes, we’re super-late to the game, and there’s kind of a podcast-saturation effect going on right now.

Still, we notice a dearth of materials out there on the pressing questions that animate our journey…

So we’re going to enter the fray with features, discussions, interviews, workshops, and much more.

Coming soon to an earbud near you! (episodes will be posted to Soundcloud and then archived here)

  • Technology is omnipresent and, at this point, essential to our lives. But is more of it inevitable?
  • What are the differences between tools and technology? Is it about scale, power, intentions?
  • Modern tech has rewired the world around us in mere decades. Can our ethics keep pace?
  • Is there a “texture of reality” to our relationships and cultures that may be eclipsed by tech?
  • How do generational differences impact the use and/or misuse of technologies and devices?
  • Who decides what role technology plays in business, education, politics, healthcare, media?
  • We’re social beings with a need for meaningful contact. Does our tech enable or constrain this?
  • Do chatbots talk in their sleep? Do robot vacuums dream of electric dust bunnies? (GOTCHA!)



With all of the joysticks, drones, chatbots, and autonomous cars in our midst, it begs the question: who’s steering this thing, anyway? In our pilot episode, we’ll talk about, well, “piloting” — as in, what powers us, how we navigate, and where we might be heading. Do we drive the tech, or does the tech drive us? For our opening episode, we’ll put you in the driver’s seat, so to speak, and talk with folks who have their hands firmly on the technological wheel. We’ll also reach into our mailbag (which is currently empty), answer listeners’ questions (there aren’t any yet), and hear important messages from our sponsors (we have none). Alright then! #rolltape


Tune in soon for more details on our upcoming programs!