We are a highly visual species, us humans. This renders us both incredibly creative and amazingly malleable all at once. We use technology to tell stories through many means, but none is more pervasive and powerful than the visual/video realm. The next stages will be more virtual and increasingly augmented — but for now, we’ve got some of the older-school artifacts that still pass as “eye candy” for your mind…


Reports and Features

Mostly Human” || CNNgo (series)

My Brain on Information Overload” || WNYC

Social Media’s Dark Side” || Big Think

Black Mirror Explained” || Screen Prism

What Humans Will Look Like in 1000 Years” || Tech Insider

What Is Technological Determinism?” || World Science Festival

Humans Need Not Apply” || CGP Grey

Children of the Future” || Marshall McLuhan (1966)

Images || Gallery

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Movies and Films

The Last Job on Earth” || The Guardian

World of Tomorrow” || Vimeo (trailer)

The World in 2050” || BBC

7 Days of Artificial Intelligence” || Pierre Rocket

True Skin” || H1

PRISM” || Jackson Miller

The Nostalgist” || WIRED

Metropolis” (1927) || Fritz Lang

Brave New World” (1980) || BBC

Future Shock” (1972) || Documentary

Ex Machina” (2015) || trailer/preview

Tron” (1982) || trailer/preview

Minimalism” (2017) || A Documentary

Top 25 Tech Movies of All Time || Venture Beat

Best Movies About Technology || Ranker

Best Tech Movies (by category) || CB Insights

Print Media (aka Books)

Radical Technologies || Adam Greenfield (Verso, 2017)

The Inevitable || Kevin Kelly (Viking, 2016)

Mindful Tech || David M. Levy (Yale University Press, 2016)

The World Beyond Your Head || Matthew B. Crawford (FSG, 2016)

We Have the Technology || Kara Platoni (Basic, 2015)

World Without Mind || Franklin Foer (Penguin, 2017)

Alone Together || Sherry Turkle (Basic, 2012)

Reclaiming Conversation || Sherry Turkle (Penguin, 2015)

The Shallows || Nicholas Carr (Norton, 2011)

Technopoly || Neil Postman (Vintage, 1993)

The Virtual Self || Nora Young (McClelland & Stewart, 2013)

The End of Absence || Michael Harris (Current, 2015)

The Attention Merchants || Tim Wu (Penguin, 2016)

Bored and Brilliant || Manoush Zomorodi (St. Martin’s, 2017)

Brave New World Revisited (full text) || Aldous Huxley (1958)

The Top 25 Technology Books of All Time” || Venture Beat