You’ve got the devices in hand, and time to fill as you move about the cabin. We’ve got the words and sounds you need to get through the day, courtesy of the smart people who make music and talk about the ways that our humanity intersects with the technology. Pop in the earbuds or fire up the bluetooth and Listen Up! (for a little while, at least, but take a break at some point and do something fun, okay?)

Podcasts and Programs

The Internet of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” || On Being

Alive Enough? Reflecting on Technology” || On Being

Our Computers, Ourselves: Tech & Privacy” || Think Out Loud

Technological Evolution” || The New Yorker Out Loud

Culture and Technology” || Best of the Left

.future: making the future happen

IRL: because online life is real life

Recode Decodethe week in tech…

Singularity Bros.: transhumanism & the tech singularity

Future Fossils: science, art, philosophy, & the future

Future Left: toward long-term progressive change

Future Thinkers: technology, society, and consciousness

Review the Future: the impact of technology on culture

Robot Overlordz: about the possibilities of our future

Funny as Tech: laughing all the way to dystopia!

Spark: conversations about our rapidly changing world

Note to Self: preserving our humanity in the digital age

Cyber Folk on Soundcloud (programs and favorites)

Talks and Speeches

Mindful Tech” || NKUL 2016

Connected, But Alone?” || TED

Reclaiming Conversation” || Talks at Google

How to Flourish in an Age of Distraction” || RSA Replay

Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload” || RSA

Is Tech Due for a Moral Reckoning?” || The Aspen Institute

What Happens When Computers Get Smarter than Us?” || TED

Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?” || TED

Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy” || TED

12 Inevitable Tech Forces that Will Shape Our Future” || SXSW

Brave New World Order” || Exene Cervenka (at Pitzer College)

Databites || collected series of talks & discussions

Aldous Huxley interview on freedom and technology (1958)

Marshall McLuhan talk: “The Technological Unconscious” (1966)

Cyber Folk compilation of talks, speeches, interviews 

Music and Melodies

Analog Man” || Joe Walsh

My New Robot” || Neil Young

Internet Connection” || M.I.A.

I Want the Heartbeat” || Johnny Marr

Little Bit of Riddim” || Michael Franti

Swimming to the Other Side” || Emma’s Revolution

The City Nowadays” || L.A. Salami

In the Dark Places” || PJ Harvey

Apeman” || The Kinks

21st Century Digital Boy” || Bad Religion

The Best Songs About Technology” || Ranker

11 Best Songs About Technology” || Technology Tell

Songs About Tech” || SongFacts

Cyberpunk” || SubChronic

Cyber Folk playlist on YouTube