We move about the world in multiple ways: physically, virtually, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and more. The spaces we inhabit help cultivate who we are and how we live, and are also created by who we are and how we live. This is reflexive in two senses: the spaces we interact with reflect us back to ourselves, and they can also spark a reflex reaction when they tap into our inner selves. Here are a few:

News and Views


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What Is Sociotechnology?” || Quality and Innovation

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Society on Social Implications of Technology (IEEE-SSIT)

Full AI || “prevent AI limiting human self-determination”

Tech for Good || “technology with humankind in mind”

Data & Society || “social and cultural issues…”

Digital Citizenship || “using technology appropriately”

Time Well Spent || “demand technology that serves us…”

Theorizing the Web || “DIY conference on tech & society”

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Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (Harvard)

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